Shortly before summer trips, there is a tendency to think about our body and seek rapid weight loss. This is an erroneous approach as our body is the basic “home” of our organization and what will determine the evolution of our health and, by extension, our lives. Balanced diet and systematic physical activity should be followed throughout the year and not just before we go out on the beach.Seeking immediate and great weight loss, which in itself is precarious and involves a high rate of failure, the die usually resorts to exhausting diets, which usually exclude some groups of food necessary for the body. Weight loss should always be done under the guidance of a specialist nutritionist, taking into account all the parameters and creating a fully personalized diet plan.Weight loss is directly related to the energy balance, how many calories an organism consumes in conjunction with how much it consumes. At the same time, there are tips that are relevant to the general population and could help reduce fluid retention and weight loss.

The Mediterranean diet is also necessary during the summer

Indicatively, some general guidelines follow the pattern of the Mediterranean Diet, which has been linked – based on many studies – to the ideal diet to prevent chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes and weight loss.

Frequency of consumption of basic foods:

  • Fruit:> 3 servings per day (choose season)
  • Vegetables:> 5 servings per day
  • Spices: Add spices and herbs to each meal. Some research suggests that the most spicy / spicy spices could activate metabolism
  • Fish and seafood:> 2 times per week and
  • Red meat: Consumption once a week
  • Processed food, cold cuts and pastries: once a week

Proper hydration means: It is important to mention that at the base of the Mediterranean Pyramid, hydration is one of the most important mechanisms. In the summer, fluid losses in our bodies increase due to intense sweating and high temperatures. Moreover, the facts speak for themselves. More than 72% of our body is made up of water, and if we do not sufficiently hydrate it, it is unable to perform its functions normally. Water is the main moisturizer, but there are smart ways to consume it more pleasantly, avoiding caloric beverages, drinks and cocktails that are preferred in the summer as cool solutions.

How will you naturally hydrate?

  • We make cold herbal infusions based on the lemon or dandelion which are strengthened with squeezed lime, grated ginger and spearmint leaves
  • We make a soft drink consisting of 1/3 carbonated water flavored with mastic or plain and 2/3 of water. Add fruit of our choice such as berries or strawberries to give the desired flavor to our “signature” refreshment.


In the whole effort to hydrate and reduce fluid retention, there is also a natural ally, who in only six days offers unique results. The SLIM DETOX from SUPERFOODS NATURE’S BEST® is a natural, natural dietary supplement consisting of 4 diuretic plants: birch, dandelion, artichoke and green tea. It efficiently combines the beneficial properties of these plants with the wonderful berry and strawberry flavor, facilitates fluid retention and treats unwanted puffs in -6 days.

Equally important with hydration for the proper functioning of the body and metabolism is physical activity and sociability, so that we can associate with people we appreciate and spend quality time with them. So take advantage of the sunny summer and take advantage of what it takes. Swim, walk to the beach, eat more fruits and vegetables, socialize, drink water and sleep properly.