The Company

SUPERFOODS NATURE’S BEST®, founded in 2008 in Greece, specializes in natural health products. The company was the first to introduce superfoods into pharmacies with great success, thus promoting the very essence and importance of superfoods while opening new roads ahead for the overall market.

In 2016, the company was acquired by Giannakopoulos and Papazoglou Groups, both well-known for their many years of expertise in pharmaceuticals and associated sectors with combined sales exceeding 400M €.

This investment has given the company a great impetus, making it one of the fastest-growing natural food supplement companies. Having consolidated and expanded its position in Greece, the company is now targeting the international market of natural food supplements and consumer health products.

Our Mission

Craft the finest and most innovative natural food supplements to promote health and a higher quality of life.

Research and Development

SUPERFOODS NATURE’S BEST® selects the highest quality superfood raw materials and develops the most effective final formulations. The raw materials form a complete line of products by employing the latest scientific knowledge through our own in-house R&D team as well as collaborations with various universities in Greece and laboratories worldwide. Knowledge is put into practice in state of the art production facilities in Greece and other European countries, so that the increasing consumer needs are met.


SUPERFOODS NATURE’S BEST® serves the most important social values, humbly supporting social groups that are now in need, more than ever. Through our own initiatives and participation in various CSR programs our goal is to contribute actively to actions with a significant social impact thus continuously enhancing dignity and humanity. Focusing on the values of sport and fair play, SUPERFOODS contributes to Euroleague's "One Team" program - Basketball is Everywhere - in partnership with Panathinaikos BC - SUPERFOODS.

In this context, SUPERFOODS has become a vital part of many activities aiming to promote health through the ideals and principles of sports. An exemplary case is the opening of a basketball court at the Corinth Youth Detention Center sponsored by SUPERFOODS NATURE’S BEST®.

SUPERFOODS NATURE’S BEST® supports creative actions of various organizations such as schools, assisting them in their work and goals. To support children of all ages, SUPERFOODS sponsors youth basketball teams in various regions in Greece.



Children represent the hope, the light for a better tomorrow. SUPERFOODS NATURE’S BEST, the leading health food supplement company in Greece, begins strongly the new year having as priority the smile of children who are in need.

In cooperation with Europe’s leading basketball club, Panathinaikos BC, where SUPERFOODS is a major Sponsor over the last 3 years, a specially designed bleacher will be introduced for every home court game in Basket League where every time 15 children from sacred social institutions will be seated and enjoy gifts, unique surprises, photos with their favorite players and many more! The children are aged 7-13 years and will enjoy a 3hour beautiful journey!

Using superfoods as raw material, we make natural products that are high in nutritional value and rich in essential and beneficial ingredients. These ingredients are extracted and concentrated through innovative scientific processes to create a complete range of products. Nature’s wisdom combines with science to ensure optimum absorption of the ingredients, releasing all the power we need to become the best versions of ourselves – every single day.


Clover: the eternal symbol of good luck, balance and nature, collaborates with the top ambassador of natural superfoods.

Based on respect and a strong foundation of shared values, SUPERFOODS® and Panathinaikos BC have united their powers by creating a partnership with a common vision and purpose.


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