Are you wondering what is behind the three-pointers of Dimitris Diamantidis? The captain of the Panathinaikos Basketball team who makes the whole stadium delirious when he enters the floor. I know the answer. And, yes, I will share it with you. A good diet.

The captain maintains a balanced diet and sleeps well. However, a natural supplement is the one that gives him the energy to dribble, avoid his opponent and finally score from the 6.75m line!

And this is thanks to the Hippophae. According to information, he takes the natural polyvitamin with 190 ingredients for energy, stimulation and wellness from Superfoods.

Hippophae with over 190 ingredients such as amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, unsaturated fatty acids (Omega 3, 6, 7, 9), phytosterols and antioxidants, such as carotenoids and flavonoids, is the most nutrient-rich food. One natural combination of ingredients that increases stamina, enhances mental and physical performance, offers all the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids. A natural source of power and energy that gives more impetus to the captain!

Another reason that Dimitris Diamantidis trusts this superfood is because Hippophae achieves in the best way the radical removal of toxins from the body, resulting in greater vitality and energy, two essential ingredients for the captain in the court!

On top of that, Hippophae is rich in vitamins, ensures vitality and health, regulates body functions, increases the body’s resistance to illness and anxiety and protects the nervous system. In fact, it contains vitamin A that helps the eyes, skin, hair and nails, and vitamin E that improves mental and physical performance.

If you want to follow the diet of successful people, you only have to choose Hippophaes by Superfoods. And good luck!