Rushing around to get everything done? Every mom has a very heavy schedule.

Obligations start early in the morning and never end … never! However, you should not forget to take care of yourself and of course your health.

Do not ignore the pain you may have on your knees, shoulders or back. These are very common symptoms, which affect many women and which we often ignore.

Did you play with your children and hit your knee? The knees are the joints that receive the most stress in our body, as in each step they receive vibrations twice or three times our weight. Wrong movements can cause knee problems or harm other parts of our body, such as our back. This is for example the case when we hold our baby for hours.

These injuries should be treated with the appearance of the first symptoms. We should not neglect visiting our doctor as otherwise they may lead to joint problems in the future. A mild pain or swelling may be a common phenomenon, but if it continues for more than three weeks, we must visit an orthopedic. So what’s the key to preventing the problem?

The first step to avoid the problem is to maintain our body weight at normal levels, as it is very important for the health of the joints. On the contrary, if we have an increased body weight, we significantly burden our waist, knees and ankles. Even the loss of a few pounds can make a difference.

Exercise plays a very important role. We always refer to mild exercise, such as fast pacing. Ideally, you can go to the swimming pool with your kid. Do not forget that water is particularly “friendly” to the joints and can even help to strengthen them! In the same context, do not forget to watch your body stance when you hold… your child! Finally, long standing posture and stillness that may cause problems in your joints must be avoided.

At the same time, you can include the right dietary supplements on your diet. SUPERFOODS® OSTEOAID is ideal as it contributes to the health of cartilage and joints. It works fast and efficiently and helps significantly in preventing joint problems by reducing cartilage damage. One capsule a day is enough to free your movement naturally!

SUPERFOODS® OSTEOAID contains NEM® (Natural Eggshell Membrane), a high-tech product with a patented process, which offers the human body a unique combination of natural glucosamine, natural chondroitin sulfate, natural hyaluronic acid and natural collagen, components present in human body which can be used to a great extent. The high-tech combination of NEM® components has documented beneficial action to relieve stiffness and pain as well as to reduce the use of analgesics. At the same time, it helps reduce cartilage degeneration and improve recovery after exercise.

Do not forget that the timely diagnosis of the problem is very important. Do not ignore any pain you may have, especially if it continues.