Liver contributes to sugar regulation, metabolism of nutrients, neutralization and elimination of substances toxic to the organism, synthesis of enzymes and specialized proteins as well as defense of our body. It is also a “filter” of abdominal organs, since it accepts blood from all the veins of the abdomen.

The good condition of the liver does not require great sacrifices, but there are certain conditions that add strain and wear it down and others that keep it in good shape.

Modern lifestyle puts pressure on our whole body, and especially the liver. Adopting some simple habits in the context of everyday life will not only help the liver do its job properly, but overall the good health of the body. Some ways to maintain the good health of the liver are the following.

– Protect your liver from viruses and infections. Some viral infections that can be caused by contaminated food or water can severely damage the liver and even cause hepatitis A. Do not consume fruit with their skin and raw vegetables when you are not sure that they have been thoroughly washed or even drink water you do not know its origin.

– Avoid fatty foods. Fatty foods affect our liver. Healthy eating and exercise, which contribute to weight loss and overall good physical fitness, help the liver perform its vital functions without problems.

– Avoid alcohol. If you drink systematically, then alcohol can become toxic to your liver. Research has shown that prudent alcohol consumption of 1 glass a day can help the liver perform better.

– Polypharmacy. Intake of many medicines especially when taken for a long time can damage the liver. It is advisable to take the medicine given by your doctor and not more than the suggested dose.

– Take liver enhancement supplements. Thistle supplements are the most popular ones. This superfood has been widely studied since ancient times. More than 700 scientific studies have been published in reputable international scientific journals on sylibum-thistle extracts. The results show multiple actions and multiple pharmacological targets. The active ingredient of thistle is silymarin, a mixture of flavonolignans, which is the main cause of the herb’s detoxification effect and to which it owes its effectiveness. The seeds of thistle are the only source of silymarin in the entire plant kingdom. They help regenerate damaged liver cells and large tissue sections by activating protein synthesis in hepatic cells through increasing activity of the genetic material (DNA-RNA). At the same time, it protects the liver cells, preventing toxins from penetrating them and neutralizing the toxins that have already entered.

There are various dietary supplements with thistle on the market, containing various levels of sylimarin. SUPERFOODS® Thistle is perhaps the only one in this category that contains so much silymarin, that is 240 mg in each capsule.

A single SUPERFOODS® Thistle pill a day, along with food for better absorption, detoxifies the burdened liver as a result of:

– Excessive alcohol consumption

– Bad diet

– Harmful environmental effects

– Diet (overweight)

– Taking a lot of medicines and / or for a long time or medication that deteriorates it

– Fat accumulation on it

Its use also improves organ function in patients with cirrhosis of the liver. It is effective in the treatment of chronic hepatitis due to viruses or the use of alcohol as well as in primary or metastatic disease in the liver.

Thistle is a superfood-treasure that must exist in every home! Its detoxification properties are crucial to the health of the liver that receives so much pressure from modern lifestyle.