Low libido? The truth is that lack of sex drive at younger age is a fairly common phenomenon, which may be due to many and different factors that are related to our lifestyle. However, many women are reluctant to talk about this issue and, most importantly, to seek help. Why, then, a woman loses her sexual desire and what can she do to regain her sex drive? Is there a natural way to solve the problem? We will see everything in detail!

The “stressful ” everyday life

Do you have stress? This may explain why someone is not in a mood to have sex lately. Whatever the “source” of the problem, try to find it. If you cannot do it, start exercising and try to introduce meditation in your life. You will see a difference!

Alcohol and smoking

It has been proved that excessive alcohol consumption and smoking reduce sexual desire. Try to limit the amount of alcohol you consume as well as the cigarettes on a daily basis if you want to find your lost libido.

Attention to diets

An exhausting diet can also damage your sexual mood. Make sure you follow the advice of a nutritionist to lose weight, but not your energy! Find your Libido again with Nature as an ally. Do not worry! If you have lost your sexual desire, then you can contact a specialist and take care to “cut off” some bad habits. It is still worthwhile to put a plant into your life that will help you deal with this problem.

The Maca root, cultivated for centuries by the natives of Peru, increases libido, according to clinical studies. The beneficial effects of maca on sexual function are due to its active ingredients and the high concentration of proteins and vital nutrients.

Maca by SUPERFOODS is used by men and women to increase libido, but also to enhance energy and endurance. In addition, maca supports and strengthens the endocrine function – the function of the glands (pituitary, adrenal glands) – regulating hormones and is related to the fertility, sexual desire, digestion and energy.

Maca even helps women in premenstrual syndrome while relieving the symptoms of menopause. At the same time, it contributes to physical and spiritual well-being and balances emotions.