Are you a mom and you run all day behind your kids? We too! As soon as the alarm clock sounds, a road race starts and … who stops young children, who are rushing to discover the world? They have inexhaustible energy. How will you find the necessary energy to follow? As a super mom who works hard and takes care of children, you need more energy, you need Superfoods Hippophaes.

Superfoods Hippophae is the most valuable superfood with 190 bioactive ingredients. Concentrated in a small soft capsule corresponding to 400 berries. It contains strong antioxidants, omega-3, omega-6, omega-9 fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Superfoods Hippophae is a unique nutritional supplement that gives you energy, stimulation and the well-being that we need so much in raising our little friends.

How do you consume it? It is a soft capsule you can take once a day. The hippophae oil, containing Eubias ™ Hippophae Capsules, results from a special extraction treatment that ensures excellent quality. Due to its natural origin, it achieves excellent absorption of all vitamins and properties from the human body.