Jogging. From the day I introduced it in my everyday life, I saw my body change for the better and my mood to ameliorate more and more day by day. Yes, running has many benefits to the human body. Now, when the summer is approaching, it is a unique occasion for you to go out and lose with ease the extra pounds you put on during the winter.

However, a common problem that occurs in people with intense physical activity is joint pain. Osteoarthritis often affects many athletes. Many well known athletes, such as famous basketball player Shaquille O’Neal, suffer from osteoarthritis as well as Neve Campbell, the popular actress of the ’90s, as a result of long-term dance activity.

The best treatment is prevention

When I started running, I was worried about the pain I felt in my joints. My first move was to visit an expert who assured me that it was not a problem. However, and in order to reduce the pain I felt, I decided to make some changes in my everyday life.

If you also feel pain in joints, do not ignore it. After my visit to the doctor, I changed my training and now I practice with the help of a specialist who takes care not to pressure my body and do my exercises correctly. At the same time, I put in my daily life a natural food supplement, specially designed for the purpose I needed it.

If you are also at work or having a similar problem with your joints, you should try SUPERFOODS® OSTEOAID. Ιt contains Natural Eggshell Membrane, the strong membrane from the egg shell. NEM® is a unique combination of natural glycosamine, natural chondroitin sulfate, natural hyaluronic acid and natural collagen, components that are present in the human body and are used to a great extent.

Studies have shown that the high-tech combination of NEM® components has beneficial properties that relieve stiffness and pain as well as reduce the use of analgesics. At the same time, it helps reduce cartilage degradation and improve recovery after exercise.

Because many amateur athletes are having problems in the joints, likely as a result of wrong techniques, make sure you do everything you can to avoid suffering.

Also do not forget that you need to be careful during training, reducing the frequency of the movement that causes you pain and often rest the joint. The specific product I use in my everyday life helps prevent joint problems and also contributes to better restoration of the joints after exercise while keeping the cartilage healthy.

With quick action, excellent safety profile and proven effectiveness, it’s a great choice to introduce in your life!

And remember: The best treatment is prevention.