Autumn is the peak season of viral infections in both adults and children. During this period, the defense mechanism of the body is weakened, making us more vulnerable to viruses. Therefore it is important to properly prepare and protect our body from such possible dangers. Nature offers such weapons / allies.

A balanced diet, rich in natural food sources and reduced consumption of processed food can shield the body and maintain the immune system active. The less processed a food is, the less energy the body needs to metabolize it. Thus we should choose to consume fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds, fish, and especially anything that has not been technologically processed. Fruits and vegetables are sources of important nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins and trace elements. Many scientific studies claim that vitamin C consumption triggers some metabolic processes that enhance the defense of the immune system.

Natural sources of vitamin C are included in nutritional supplements that can be easily absorbed by the body. Two of the main superfoods, rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, are Acerola and Sambucus. These are fruits belonging to the berry category. The Greek SUPERFOODS Nutritional Supplement Company offers both superfoods enriched with Zinc, achieving the perfect combination for natural immune enhancement.

Zinc is a trace element with anti-inflammatory action and research has shown that zinc intake reduces the levels of oxidative stress. A balanced diet combined with systematic physical activity, adequate hydration, enough sleep and good hygienic standards, reduces the chances of colds.