Do you forget easily? Do yοu forget words, names or faces? You often hear yourself saying, “What have I just said?” Do you feel bad when your memory betrays you?

Stress dominates our lives. The obligations never end and we are constantly on the move to respond to the burdensome program imposed by the modern way of life. Sometimes we feel it is logical to forget … or is it not? Do not be disappointed, there are ways to enhance your mental clarity.

Adopt a healthy diet to “boost” your memory!

Nutrition plays a key role as lack of nutrients can affect mental functions. In particular, food rich in Vitamin B, such as fish, meat, nuts and dairy products, as well as food rich in folic acid, such as green leafy vegetables, cereals and legumes. At the same time, specialized nutritional supplements such as SUPERFOODS® MEMOACT can significantly improve our memory. How?

SUPERFOODS® MEMOACT is a unique combination of concentrated plant extracts with a specific content in its active ingredients. Cocoa, a source of theobromine, which contributes to healthy cognitive function and memory, Eleutherococcus, a source of free radicals, for spiritual clarity, Green Tea, source of polyphenols and caffeine, helping to improve functional memory and Hippophae, a source of Vitamin C, releases from oxidative stress. It is available in a cocoa-flavored oral solution and helps significantly in mental clarity, concentration, control and excretion of stress as well as enhancing positive mood. It is ideal for periods of increased mental fatigue. For example, if you have children preparing for university exams, it is the perfect diet supplement to boost their memory!

“Train your mind!”

In order not to have a memory of … a goldfish but the memory of an elephant, you have to make sure you constantly exercise your mind. Reading, learning foreign languages or a musical instrument seem to help us maintain our memory as they require intense mental effort and keep us alert. Do not forget, of course, crosswords, puzzles, Sudoku or chess that will keep you entertained and help you memorize.

Healthy mind in a healthy body

The benefits of fitness are well known for the body and the health. Did you know, though, that our mind can also “grow up”? Few minutes of aerobic exercise provide a significant boost to our brain function. This implies that we perform better and store new information more easily!

Sleep helps memory!

Memory and sleep co-operate in a unique way, so that the next day we remember everything we learned the previous one, according to a British scientific research headed by Professor Mark Blackcrown, director of the Sleeping Laboratory at the University of Swansea in Wales. In addition, sleep enhances the information and experiences in which each person gives increased importance to so that they become part of the long-term memory in the brain! In contrast, sleep deprivation for a long time is associated with heart problems and cognitive functions (inability to concentrate, memory loss).

SUPERFOODS® MEMOACT to improve our memory and the memory of our children!