Memory gaps and lack of concentration are daily problems for some people. We all understand and accept that over time our mind and memory do not work as they used to.

As we grow older, our brain function “slows down” and learning capacity decreases. This natural slowdown is aided by modern lifestyle, poor nutrition and lack of sleep. So what can we do to enhance our memory and reduce its degeneration?

1. Reading

Reading a book helps trigger the brain neurons that are responsible for the proper functioning of memory. Try reading regularly, ideally a book a month.

2. Crosswords, puzzles, sudoku, chess, memory test

Spending time doing crosswords, puzzles, sudoku and other memory tests, or playing chess significantly helps our memory. There are many online and offline choices.

3. Proper nutrition

It is important to remember that our diet and the nutrients we receive from it play an important role in brain health. Food affects mood, memory, and concentration. In addition, it strengthens the body’s antioxidant protection, thereby helping reduce the rate of degeneration of brain cells.

4. Food Supplements

There are supplements with ingredients that have been studied for their effectiveness in improving memory. A new natural nutritional supplement, formulated specifically for the needs of people with memory problems, is SUPERFOODS® MEMOACT, which provides the following valuable ingredients:

– ELEUTHEROCOCCUS: It helps reduce stress, which negatively affects memory. It is an adaptive due to its active ingredients, the free radicals. It is also used as a booster during periods of fatigue and lack of energy.

– COCOA: Several scientific studies have proved that memory declines as we grow older, but it can significantly improve through systematic intake of Cocoa.

– GREEN TEA: Its nutrients help improve memory, and studies have shown that it can protect those who receive it regularly from Alzheimer’s-related mental degeneration.

– HIPPOPHAE: Hippophae extract is a source rich in vitamin C, which contributes to the fight against oxidative stress during periods of intense mental pressure.

SUPERFOODS® MEMOACT is the result of a collaboration between SUPERFOODS® and the Department of Pharmacy of the University of Patras. It is ideal for older people as it enhances memory, both in a proactive and a supportive manner, and can be used by people suffering from diabetes. It is also suitable for employees with increased mental demands and elevated fatigue levels and students over 16 years old.

5. Exercise

Physical exercise also affects the brain. It improves long-term blood flow to the brain and enhances nerve cell function.

6. Sleep

It enhances the memory, helping to store and “sort” the information we receive during the day. According to a Harvard University Medical School study, sleep can significantly help our memory.

If you are middle-aged, any signs of bad memory – especially recent – and poor concentration that you or someone in your environment is experiencing should be evaluated. Consult your doctor for appropriate tests to assess the condition and receive advice.