There are several ways to improve the health of the joints such as physiotherapy that helps increase flexibility and strengthen the muscles surrounding the joints, hot or cold remedies for pain relief, and anti-inflammatory analgesics.

Unfortunately, most people are looking for rapid treatment of pain and symptoms of osteoarthritis, taking Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs or even large doses of analgesics. Usage is usually long-term. This approach has several negative effects given the known side effects of these formulations after long-term use, mainly in the digestive and cardiovascular systems. However, in cases where the problem is intense, the alternative has so far been surgical intervention.

Now a new, more rational and modern approach is available, which is quite widespread in the US and other European countries. It is the use of NEM® , a new ingredient in a supplement, which reduces the need for use of NSAIDs. Its safety and effectiveness in osteoarthritis has been certified, effectively and directly addressing pain and stiffness while preventing problems in joints. NEM® in Greece is available through the SUPERFOODS® OSTEOAID supplement.

The product is suitable for people with joint problems eg.  because of age, overweight, as it reduces inflammation and treats symptoms such as pain & stiffness. It also works precautionary for people who have high blood pressure and high pressure cartilage (eg runners, basketball players) and those who are in high risk groups due to hereditary reasons.

SUPERFOODS® OSTEOAID or, as is globally known, Natural Eggshell Membrane, is a natural superfood that comes from the egg shell membrane and is subject to the United States patented, high-tech processing method that is unique in the world. Thanks to this method, it is an ideal and unique combination of ingredients in the form and quantity that are present in the human body and are used by it. Some of these ingredients, in ideal proportions, are glucosamine, hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulphate and collagen.

It is worth noting that to date, several clinical studies of the product in patients and healthy people have shown that a single pill a day has beneficial effects in reducing pain, reducing stiffness and protecting the cartilage with visible results at 7- 10 days. It is a well-established product in the USA and in several European countries, which is now coming to Greece to provide solutions to those who already have problems with their joints, but also those who belong to high-risk groups due to aggravating factors such as excessive weight and strenuous sports or due to hereditary reasons.