ZeoliteDETOX by SUPERFOODS helps us eliminate heavy metals, which in general are not excreted by the body and are considered one of the causes of many chronic diseases.

ZeoliteDETOX from SUPERFOODS can help you maintain your immune system healthy, keep body pH balanced, improve tissue oxygenation and improve your overall health condition.

Zeolithos is a mineral whose name derives from the ancient Greek words “zeo” (boil) and “lithos” (stone) because of its particular chemical properties when heated at high temperature. When it “boils” it generates vapors and eliminates water. It is formed by the contact of lava with seawater – it has a microporous structure of thousands of microscopic channels which, by a purely natural process, are capable of blocking large quantities of toxins, heavy metals, free radicals.

The effect is that zeolite helps detoxify the body, preventing the absorption of heavy metals and toxins in the body. It also reduces the number of free radicals that cause damage to cellular structures and accelerate the cell aging process.